Waste Land Development through Energy Plantations.

EPTRI conducting sensitization workshops for promotion of energy plantations i.e.,… Read the rest

Urban Environmental Education (CLC)

EPTRI is the first institution to conduct workshops to the… Read the rest

Clean Development Mechanism – CDM

GoAP appointed EPTRI as a nodal agency for climate change… Read the rest

Biomedical Waste Management Training Programme in Andhra Pradesh.

The programme is sponsored by Health and Family Welfare Department… Read the rest

EPTRI in rural village electrification.

IMPLEMENTATION OF AP TRIBAL PROJECT Installation of Solar Energy Equipment… Read the rest

EPTRI in urban slums.

#gallery-14 { margin: auto; } #gallery-14 .gallery-item { float: left;… Read the rest

Ecology of Himayat Sagar and Osman Sagar Lakes – Evaluation of permissible developmental activities in the catchment area

Ecological studies of Flora, Fauna with special emphasis on Migratory… Read the rest

Hello world!

Environmental Education EPTRI, as a concomitant of environment protection, generates… Read the rest
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