Urban Environmental Education (CLC)

  • EPTRI is the first institution to conduct workshops to the communities directly to their places and at there convenient time.
  • The programme is sponsored by USAID through ICICI Bank Limited.
  • The objective of the programme is social mobilization and peoples’ participation in the management of local environment and empower them to take decisions on their own.

Despite being a cleaner city in the last few years, Hyderabad has to go a long way in providing a clean atmosphere, water and municipal waste discharge facilities for its ever-growing population. To this end, EPTRI has set up a Clean Line Centre (CLC) in an agreement with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the ICICI under the ‘Trade in Environmental Services and Technologies (TEST)’ programmes. EPTRI acts as a Nodal Agency in hosting the Centre.

The Clean Line Centre provides common plat-form to work closely with community, industry, Government departments, NGOs and other stakeholders to build awareness and minimize waste and pollution in all spheres, acting as a liaison in reducing the Response Time in attending to the complaints as well as emergencies.


Provide technical and consultancy services for industry and organizations like Automotive Truck Owners’ Association, CII in awareness building.

Provide immediate technical assistance in case of pollution accidents like hazardous waste spills.

Provide technical and consultancy services for pollution abatement in the industrial sector in co-ordination with regulatory authorities.

Provide a call centre to attend to complaints and suggestions from the community and individuals regarding matters concerning pollution and environment protection in minimum response time.

Provide training for various categories of persons involved in the referred activities.

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