EPTRI Call for Interns/ Young Learners/ Volunteers

Environment Protection Training and Research Institute

Call for Interns/ Young Learners/ Volunteers


Environment Protection Training and Research Institute (EPTRI) invite applications for internships from universities and colleges across the globe. EPTRI offers internships for students and recent graduates in a variety of programs and departments throughout the organization. Our internships/ young learners program/ volunteer programs are structured for weeks to month’s duration with flexible schedules to meet the requirements of fall and spring semesters being run by various universities and institutes. Major objective of our internship/ young learners and volunteer programs is to provide high-quality experiences to the young learners who are enthusiastic and serious about pursuing career in environmental science and engineering and allied areas. These programs cater to the needs of the candidate/ the institution concerned. Therefore, these internships are need based, time based and duration specific.

As an EPTRI intern, you will have an opportunity to:

• Work directly in their domain of interest in environmental science, gaining insights and valuable experience, developing skill set and knowledge that can leverage their career to the next level.
• Network with the scientists, engineers, managers and technical experts who are working on various national and international projects in emerging areas environmental science.
• Explore a broad spectrum of career opportunities available in environmental advocacy.

Internships/ young learners/ volunteer programs at EPTRI are designed for undergraduate students, recent graduates, and graduate students.

EPTRI offers an academic/ research credit eligible internships. EPTRI internships vary in responsibility, with each program area maintaining its own budget for intern expenses, therefore the possibilities of getting fellowships/ pay may vary.

How to Apply
Applications are invited throughout the year. Interested candidates are advised to send their recent resume/ application to DG, EPTRI through email (erc.eptri@gmail.com and dgeptri@gmail.com). It is desired that the application must include the details such as start and end date of internship, the reason for applying to EPTRI and the area of work in which they wish to undertake their internship/ young learners program and volunteer’s program.

Confirmation of internship/ young learners program/volunteers program placement
The application from the candidate is sent for the perusal of domain experts and managers. Subsequently, the suitability of applicant with the current needs of the projects is found to be suitable, the candidate is requested to send a letter of acceptance from their affiliated institution/ organization. EPTRI then send a letter of confirmation regarding the internship/ young learner program/ volunteer program to the candidate/institution/ organization.

Types of assignments
Major focus of EPTRI is policy advocacy on emerging environmental issues that assist in conserving the natural resources. Hence we work on areas of Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Environmental Engineering, Climate Change and Environmental Information Systems. EPTRI provides the information on air pollution, industrial pollution, water pollution, solid waste management and climate change. EPTRI also prepares State of Environment Reports. Interns are encouraged to work in any of these areas. EPTRI laboratory is equipped with the art of infrastructure that aid in executing projects relevant to analysis of air, water soil and various biological samples. Moreover, students are also welcome to undertake projects pertaining to marketing, website, library and human resources in these areas. For further details click here. Students/ interns have to submit a copy their project report to the supervisor at the end and also make a presentation for the same.

For further queries/ information, please contact:

EPTRI, 91/4, Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500 032.
Phone Number 040-67567504/507, Email: erc.eptri@gmail.com and dgeptri@gmail.com

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