EPTRI Conducted Workshop On “Water & Waste-water Management and Sustainability”

EPTRI Conducted WorkshopOn

“Water & Waste-water Management and Sustainability”

30th January 2018


Hyderabad is a fast growing city and in the last couple of decades, it has grown exponentially in terms of population and area. Though infrastructure is being made available, the same is outplaced by the accelerating growth.  The ever growing demand for water supply is putting pressure on the water bodies.As on date, Hyderabad is fulfilling its raw water requirements from the Godavari and Krishna rivers.

Ground water and surface water supplies are at risk due to overuse in Hyderabad. It is now becoming more important to address the issues of Water conservation, wastewater recycling and sustainable use of water, as the demand on potable water, cost of wastewater treatment and funds constraints are becoming serious issues in the current scenario. Protection of lakes and wastewater management is gaining prominence in the era of sustainable development. However, urbanization has altered the lake ecosystem and wastewater management strategies in recent times. Hence rejuvenation of lakes and effluent treatment in Hyderabad is imperative. In order to address these issues, there is an urgent need to bring in new technologies and innovative ideas. In this pursuit, as a part of series of workshops, EPTRI organized a workshop on “Water & Wastewater Management and Sustainability” to address the challenges pertaining to remediation of lakes and waste water treatment plants to prevent water pollution.


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